the yummiest avocado toast

a slice of toast topped with avocado and a fried egg sits on a white plate on a messy wood counter with a handwoven blue teatowel
avocado toast was really a moment in time wasn't it? a sun-shiny pre-pandemic mega trend for coffee shops, brunch spots and university students everywhere. and maybe it's time in the sun is over but it's still one of my favourite fancy-not-fancy breakfasts. after years of making this simple dish, i think i might have perfected it! to me the magic is in the mayonnaise (like most great sandwiches). it may seem counter intuitive - it took me years to discover it - but it makes all the difference.
let me know what you think!


  • two slices of bread of your choice, toasted
  • mayonaise
  • one avocado, smashed with a fork
  • two eggs, fried
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • optional chilli flakes or hot sauce of your choice*
  • optional hemp hearts


1. toast

2. mayonnaise

3. avocado

4. (optional hot sauce)

5. fried egg

6. salt and pepper

7. optional chilli flakes and/or hemp hearts (aka health-sprinkles)

serves two


*when it comes to the spice i usually only do one or the other - chillies or hotsauce. if using chilli flakes, I sprinkle them right on top of the egg. if using hot sauce i prefer to layer it between the avocado and the egg so it really seasons the avocado. my favourite is the cholula green pepper but my partner prefers classic tobasco. you do you!

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