easiest kale caesar

a kale salad in a wooden bowl sits on a messy table with a yellow teatowel, a squeezed lemon and a block of cheese


this isn't really a recipe so much as an invitation to take a shortcut here and there. this salad is delicious and is always received with comments like "i don't even like kale, but that salad is amazing!" - the big secret (i'm sorry to say) is store-bought caesar dressing. my make-it-from-scratch mom is horrified. basically you add all the fresh ingredients to the store-bought dressing to make the salad taste like it's homemade and no-one knows the difference. easy-peasy


  • one bunch of fresh kale washed, stalks removes and greens torn into bite size pieces
  • 1/4 renee's mighty caesar dressing (not sponsored, just delicious)
  • half a lemon
  • a generous amount of freshly grated parmesan cheese
  • lots of fresh ground pepper


  1. With your washed and prepped kale in a large salad bowl, add your large dollop of dressing, squeeze your half lemon, grate lots of fresh parm and grind a generous amount of fresh black pepper.
  2. toss the salad well - the lemon juice will help to thin out the thick dressing but make sure you've tossed it evenly and all the dressing isn't in a ball in the middle
  3. add a little more parm on top and serve

since kale is a pretty hearty green, you can make this salad an hour or two in advance and keep it in the fridge without worrying about it wilting or prep everything ahead of time and just toss before serving

serves four

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