caring for your handwoven placemats

Placemats hanging to dry, art above


a few spills are just the sign of a good meal. these placemats are meant to be used over and over again. they have been made with 100% cotton for durability and ease so you can continue to use them for years to come. here are some guidelines for caring for your placemats after your friends and family have gone home.

general care:

all studio lia karras placemats have been pre-washed so you can confidently wash them in the washing machine at home.

  • machine wash, cold with gentle detergent on a gentle cycle
  • hang or lay flat to dry
  • iron on an appropriate setting if desired (rumpled...or rustic?)

avoid washing in hot water or with very strong detergents. never use bleach. try to wash them only when necessary - a few toast crumbs never hurt anyone!

spot treatment:

for spots and spills - in particular tough stains like wine or grease - try to spot treat the area as soon as possible.

  • dab the area with water and mild soap to lift and lighted the stain as much as possible
  • if you are planning to wash the placemat fully after spot treating, keep the spot damp until you are ready to wash

avoid strong stain removers. if you would like to use a stain remover, test it in a small area first just to be sure it won't damage the cloth.

final tip:

for an all-over refresh, or at the end of the evening, you can give the whole set of placemats a soak in mild soapy water for a few hours or overnight before washing them in the washing machine.

Placemats in soapy water


products shown: Handwoven Placemats in Terracotta, handwoven placemats in sky blue
art: four seasons woodblock print by graham blair

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