a handwoven wool rug with bands of grey and tan and geometric patterns hangs from wooden pegs on a clothes line against a white wall

small rug 03

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these rugs are handwoven in a zapotec indigenous community in teotitlan de valle, a region of oaxaca in mexico on wooden pedal looms. they are made of a wool weft on a cotton warp. the neutral tones come from the varied natural colours of the sheep and the intricate traditional patterns are filled with meaning and symbolism.

this rug features bands of geometric patterns including the geometric spiral that represents the cycle of life in the zapotec tradition. each step represents a stage of life from birth to youth to  maturity to decay and then death and moving into the next world. the spiral represents the interconnection of life and death, and this world and the next. this pattern is taken from the ancient temples at mitla. there are also bands with the small vertical dashes that represent rain.

these smaller rugs are a perfect size for kitchens, foyers, bathrooms, beside the bed. these rugs also look beautiful when they're hung on the wall as a tapestry

dimensions: 24" x 40" + 3" fringe at each end

material: wool weft, cotton warp

care: spot clean as needed or hand wash cold with a gentle detergent. lay flat to dry

made in mexico

due to the handmade nature of this product some colour and texture variation is to be expected - it's just proof that it was made by human hands!